Symbolik360 podcast 360 VR vLog release

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Symbolik360 podcast and the soon to be released 360 Virtual Reality (VR) vLog experience.

The Symbolik360 endeavour is the culmination of a few important things… It’s a reflection of who I am and what I’ve observed and put thought into over the years, as an immigrant to Toronto Canada (as a baby so I was largely cultured in Canada), as Hip Hop Head (from the 90s, known as True School era,… so lots to think on there in terms of change), as a tech enthusiast/ practitioner who also LOVES the real world.

Symbolik360 Podcast - Analog Logs Ep 1 (Released - Jan 25 2020)

Another definitive characteristic of these experiences is that they are inspired by and draw from the contributions of the amazing people that I’ve met and that are all around me. In conversations with people who are digital-physical-musical-visual- experiential artists and designers, technicians, engineers, spiritual and even love gurus, doctors, lawyers, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc… I realized that there are amazing stories all around!

I felt that drawing from my experience, Hip Hop informed perspective and skills, I can present a dialogue that is enjoyable, informed, thought provoking and artfully poetic, that will be of value to varying communities who are working our way through these times of extreme cultural change.

*Insert time machine sound here*

Ever since highschool, I bounced between groups (clicks). I’d see the awesome in each group’s nuanced position, in what they do and how they do things. Those intricacies, that I thought were great, sometimes somehow manifest into reasons to divide, individually identify as entirely separate, compete and rank one another. Witnessing this made a mark on me. Moving forward I learned to adapt to differences. I learned to value what can come from the cooperation between apparent strangers. I learned that great poetic and material good can come out of an apparent contradiction.

Just as Symbolik360 brings together perspectives and experiences of different people into stories, my approach to media and storytelling is one of blended formats, knowing that each is awesome when applied right!

The Symbolik360 experience is accessed via podcast (traditional audio) and 360 Virtual Reality. My goal is to create a harmonic multisensory media-scape that engages and enlightens and evolves with our experiences. If you are reading this then I hope we can connect with YOU and shed light based on your lived experiences. Symbolik360 is influenced by the real world and should make some impact on our world. Enjoy and please share!