Symbolik360 VR vLog S01 Ep01 is Available!

* Symbolik360 VR vLog S01 Ep01 (release Feb 9 2020)

Symbolik360 podcast and 360 VR vLog is a gritty indie short format show about art, culture and tech in times of extreme change…

Symbolik360 Podcast - Analog Logs Ep 1 (released - Jan 25 2020)

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It’s a reflection of who I am and what I’ve observed and put thought into over the years, as an immigrant to Toronto Canada, as Hip Hop Head (from the 90s, known as True School era), as a tech enthusiast/ practitioner who also LOVES the real world.

Symbolik360 is inspired by and draws from the contributions of the amazing people that I’ve met. It draws from conversations with people who are digital-physical-musical-visual- experiential artists and designers, technicians, engineers, spiritual and even love gurus, doctors, lawyers, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc… There are amazing stories all around!

Drawing from my experience, Hip Hop informed perspective and skills, I present a dialogue that is enjoyable, informed, thought-provoking and artfully poetic, that will be of value to varying communities who are working our way through these times of extreme cultural change.

Many thanks,

Kwame aka Symbolik